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EmployIndy contracts federal, state, and local funds on a competitive basis by issuing formal requests for proposal or requests for quote. RFPs/RFQs and subsequent information about program and services will be posted on this webpage so that all bidders have access to the same information.

View PDF for full details and submission deadline. Submit any questions and proposals/quotes at

Open RFPs / RFQs / RFIs

RFP: 2021-005

*Note: the Q&A will not be posted until Tuesday, October 19th. The deadline to respond with a Letter of Intent has been extended until Friday, October 22nd at 11:59 pm EST.

Other milestones of the timeline have also been adjusted to reflect these new deadlines.

Multi-Source Service Integration of IT Services
RFP: 2021-005 Questions and Answers

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EmployIndy Strategic Plan

Past RFPs / RFQs / RFIs

RFQ: 2021-003

Messaging and Communications Strategy for Good (Living) Wages Initiative

RFI: 2021-003

Ecosystem Partnership Communications Project + PY20 Annual Report
RFI 2021-003 Questions and Answers

RFQ: 2021-001

Power Huddle Program Administrator

RFI: 2021-002

Marketing for the Living Wage Initiative
RFI 2021-002 Questions and Answers

RFP: 2021-004

Jobs for America’s Graduates Services

RFP: 2020-003

YES Indy Services
Bidder’s Conference Presentation
Questions & Answers
Attachment F – Projected Outcomes
Attachment G – Budget Summary

RFQ: 2020-001

RFP: 2020-002

RFP: 2020-001

Salesforce Migration and Integration
Attachment A – Salesforce Use Case
Attachment B – Use Case Contract Deliverables
Attachment C – EmployIndy Systems
Questions & Answers

RFP: 2019-003

Reemployment Services Program
Questions & Answers
RES Job Descriptions

RFQ: 2019-002

System Impact and Programmatic Outcomes Evaluation of YES Indy
Questions & Answers

RFP: 2019-002

WorkOne Indy Service Provision
Download Bidders Conference Presentation
Download Questions & Answers

RFQ: 2019-001

Learning Management System Youth Coaching Curriculum and Content Development
Questions and Answers

RFP: 2019-001

One-Stop Operator Services
Budget Summary Template
Questions and Answers

RFI: 2019-001

Work-based Learning IT Platform

RFI: 2018-001

Indy Achieves Marketing Services

RFP: 2018-006

Alternative High School Education Youth Employment System (YES) Services
Questions and Answers

RFP: 2018-005

Reemployment Services Program
Bidder’s Conference Presentation
Questions and Answers

RFP: 2018-004

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) Services
Bidder’s Conference Presentation
Questions and Answers

RFQ: 2018-001

Database Transition
Questions and Answers
Report Example 1
Report Example 2

RFP: 2018-003

Youth Employment System (YES) Services
Bidder’s Conference Presentation
Questions and Answers
Appendix A
Appendix B
Attachment C
Attachment E
Attachment F
Attachment G

RFP: 2018-002

WorkOne Indy Training Services
Bidders Conference Presentation
Questions and Answers

RFP: 2018-001

WorkOne Indy Service Provision
Bidders Conference Presentation
Questions and Answers

RFQ: 2017-010

CRM Customization
Questions & Answers

RFQ: 2017-009

IT Platform
Questions & Answers

RFQ: 2017-008

Applicant Tracking System
Questions & Answers

RFP: 2017-005

CDBG Community-Based Workforce Development
CDBG Bidders Conference Presentation
Questions & Answers

RFQ: 2017-007

Contract Management System
Questions & Answers

RFQ: 2017-006

Professional Employer Organization Services

RFQ: 2017-005

Professional Services in Support of EmployIndy Committees
Questions & Answers
Project Indy Logic Model

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TIF Training Grants

The funding for TIF Training Grants comes from the NextLevel Jobs program, overseen by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. These grantees are reimbursed for their work to hire, train, and retain Indianapolis workers. It removes the financial barriers that many employers face during the hiring process and allows them to provide opportunities for growth and employee success throughout the training process.

Story of Impact

Increasing Employer and Workforce Engagement

The vision behind NextLevel Jobs stems from the need to engage the current workforce and provide individuals with opportunities to grow within their company. In order to receive reimbursement for hiring and training, the employee must stay on for at minimum six months.

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