As EmployIndy works to ensure residents are prepared for promising careers in the local workforce, a key component of that effort is understanding that most promising careers of the future require advanced educational credentials, beyond a high school diploma. Indy Achieves serves to address a looming (and existing) skills gap, supporting Marion County residents with funds to complete postsecondary education – be it an industry certification, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree – at either Ivy Tech Community College or IUPUI.

Since the recession individuals with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Indianapolis have gained over 20,000 jobs while those with a high school diploma or less have lost over 20,000 jobs.

To completely close the skills gap in Indianapolis, our city would need an additional 215,000 adults with a job-ready credential. Indy Achieves is committed to increasing the proportion of Indianapolis adults with high-quality postsecondary credentials to 65% of residents by 2027, and to eliminating attainment gaps that currently exist for minority residents.

Indy Achieves will focus on two key ways to increase the proportion of adults with the appropriate credentials:

  • Increasing the number of K-12 students who pursue and complete postsecondary credentials
  • Increasing the educational attainment level of the existing adult population, all the while ensuring more intentional pathways into high-demand careers.

The Indy Achieves strategy begins with informing the public about existing supports that can address their needs, such as enrolling in 21st Century Scholars during a student’s 7th or 8th grade year, completing the FAFSA, and applying for adult student grants. Beyond that, Indy Achieves has partnered with Ivy Tech and IUPUI to offer gap-closing Promise Scholarships and Completion Grants for Marion County residents who qualify.

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