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History and the Recession

EmployIndy was formed in 1983 as a result of the federal Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA), and was charged with directly delivering workforce services to Marion County residents. After five years of delivering a wide range of services to job seekers, EmployIndy’s leaders created the Indianapolis Network for Employment and Training as an umbrella marketing entity to signal the integration of workforce development services.

In 1995, EmployIndy changed the company’s focus from workforce services to community-based organizations. These organizations were tasked with administering different employment services through connecting with specific neighborhoods, thus altering EmployIndy’s position in Marion County to focus on strategically altering workforce issues.

As the economy shifted during the Great Recession in 2009, so did the mission of EmployIndy. A new Business Partnerships team was developed to implement sector-specific strategies tailored to unique demands of a diverse group of individuals – from those who were struggling to find work because of their lack of skill to those who had further education and years of workforce experience. This was the first step in reformatting the workforce of Indianapolis through creating a demand-driven approach and increasing a focus on individuals within the community.

In June 2016, Mayor Hogsett announced a vision focusing on quality of life and meeting people where they are in several targeted areas of Indianapolis. These areas were chosen based on where there were the highest amounts of crime, unemployment, and poverty levels.

“Our vision for EmployIndy is clear: for all Marion County residents to have access to services and training necessary to secure a livable wage and grow in a career that meets employer demand for talent. It is an exciting time for our region, and I welcome the challenges presented as we continue to position Central Indiana as an economic frontrunner.” Angela Carr Klitzsch, EmployIndy President & CEO

A New Vision for Indy

EmployIndy has transitioned to a focus on target impact areas in order to create a more community-driven initiative, thus becoming a hub for these targeted populations and those who have given up hope in the possibility of entering or re-entering the workforce. Establishing a more neighborhood-focused form of workforce development will be designed by both increasing the implementation of resources in local community centers and creating accessibility in the areas where residents are deemed to have the lowest quality of life.

This new charge for improving neighborhood workforce development became the initiative by which EmployIndy would establish their new vision: to drive growth in Marion County by investing in innovative strategies focused on reducing barriers for residents so they may have access to career pathways and gain needed skills to excel in the workforce, thus presenting employers with qualified candidates to fulfill their hiring needs. This ABC (Any Job, Better Job, Career) Approach exemplifies the transitional goal for both workers and employers, realizing that having access to a career and skilled workers is a journey, not just a destination.

In the past, this journey has been aimed towards adults who have already been in the workforce, but this new initiative hones in on youth and young adults (ages 16-24). Mayor Hogsett set off this initiative by establishing a summer program titled Project Indy, aimed at providing jobs and training for the youth of Indianapolis. The focus on youth is designed to assist them in envisioning different career pathways and opportunities, learning necessary skills to excel in the workforce, and achieving knowledge about in-demand jobs post-high school graduation. These programs will impact the future of each individual while also increasing the likelihood of success for the future of our city.

“By bringing these great community partners together under one strategy, I am confident that this new EmployIndy team will reach new underserved populations in Indianapolis and better connect all residents with the tools they need to help themselves.”
Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, June 2016

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