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Our target impact areas began with five zip codes and evolved into more specific neighborhoods after leveraging to identify areas of most need for services.

The workforce in Marion County – and around the country – looks different than it did post-recession. A decade later, we have seen a mix of lower unemployment, but higher percentages of residents disconnected from the labor market. While high-skill job seekers are thriving, many who have struggled to connect to meaningful employment have lost hope.

In 2016, Mayor Hogsett’s office set EmployIndy on a path to focus on five Indianapolis zip codes of disinvested areas (46201, 46205, 46208, 46218, and 46235).

These Target Impact Areas were selected based on data including:

  • Employment rates (and labor force participation)
  • Crime statistics
  • Available community assets
  • Basic demographics – age, income, race/ethnicity, education attainment
  • Residents above or below poverty level


Neighborhoods Map
Zip Codes Map

By prioritizing efforts in these Target Impact Areas, and taking active steps toward building a more equitable approach to workforce development, EmployIndy aims to grow our region’s potential from the inside, supporting all Marion County residents as they pursue the American Dream.

By considering complementary neighborhood areas through Quality of Life Plans, we have honed our focus on the following overlapping neighborhoods, as found on Indy Vitals:

Crown Hill
Mapleton Fall Creek
Forest Manor
Near Eastside
Christian Park
Arlington Woods
Far East Side