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IPS Industry Partner of the Year Award

Posted on June 8th, 2018 in Local News

Susan Ford and Mee Hee Smith

On June 8, Mee Hee Smith, IPS Career Academy Coordinator, gave out the IPS Industry Partner of the Year Award to two individuals, Todd Crockett of EmployIndy and Susan Ford of Trilogy. This award is for an individual or organization who has made an impact in student’s lives, directly or indirectly, through the IPS Health Sciences Academy. This academy opens gateways for students to explore a variety of careers in the health sciences industry, specifically biomedical sciences, health informatics, nursing, and physical therapy.

Todd Crockett, EmployIndy’s Employer Engagement Manager, was awarded for his work with the Health Sciences Advisory Board, consisting of community leaders in workforce development, higher education, and several employers and business entities. Todd brought over fifteen employers to the table, including those who joined the board, participated in career fairs, and volunteered for mock interviews. Because of his investment in employers, he has gone to several events at the schools and students have grown to recognize him because of his passion and positive energy.

Susan Ford, Area Recruiter at Trilogy (one of the employers recruited), was awarded because of the bridges she built between Trilogy and students. She coordinated the transportation between several IPS schools to formulate onsite visits. Students had opportunities to tour the facility and explore different departments as well as job shadow for nursing and physical therapy. Trilogy is now looking into interviewing CNA students with plans to hire.

Through partnering with IPS, employers have the opportunity to connect with students, opening doors for them by providing onsite opportunities as well as participating in career fairs. These experiences allow students to learn more about the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry and what their next steps would be if they are interested.