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by Eric Thomas

Having been recently promoted to the role of Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion lead at Genesys—an Indianapolis technology company that provides cloud contact center software—I’ve had to examine my own relationship to the power structure around me. I’ve had to challenge some of my own preconceptions about the leadership that I interface with as I work to create a more inclusive culture in the company that is my immediate landscape. That said, doing so has provided a particular challenge: how does one go about challenging systems that are unequal without challenging the individuals who benefit from them?

It is a delicate calculus.

On one side of the equation is the vibrancy of voices for change, not necessarily calling for open rebellion, but certainly open to challenging the status quo. On the other side is the dull monotony of the “get along to get ahead” mindset that has, for too long, kept many of us employed, but not exactly orchestrating organizational change.

I was thinking about this recently with a colleague and we realized that a big part of the challenge of the present moment is a very peculiar ask: how do you challenge unfair systems without accusing their beneficiaries? All around me are an array of people that I genuinely like and respect. But, like many systems in this country and elsewhere, the principal beneficiaries of these systems are disproportionately white and male. How do I embrace the challenge of building a more equitable future without damaging the relationships that could enable it?

The answer is to embrace a growth mindset.

Equity isn’t pie. One person getting a slice doesn’t mean that someone else goes without. It means that we bake more pie. Genesys is prospering. We are adding heads in a variety of roles. It is a wonderful position to be in. And as I come to take a more active role in recruiting and hiring, an opportunity is at hand. The best part of this opportunity is that it doesn’t have to feel like a threat. To anyone.

Author Carol Dweck wrote about how individuals can be possessed of a “growth mindset” or a “fixed mindset.” In a 2012 interview, she had this to say:

“In a fixed mindset students believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are just fixed traits. They have a certain amount and that’s that, and then their goal becomes to look smart all the time and never look dumb. In a growth mindset students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence. They don’t necessarily think everyone’s the same or anyone can be Einstein, but they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it.”

For me, what this means in the context of diversity, equity and inclusion is that there are no fixed positions. We can work to grow together into the future that we all deserve. It’s much less a reallocation than a reimagining.

We can embrace the people around us, while we commit to challenging the systems that favor some over others. We can all get smarter together if we work at it. This is what I’m here for.

You can learn more about Genesys and their efforts in Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by visiting

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Jessica Brown

One year after the death of our dear friend and coworker, Jessica Brown, we followed up with the student who benefited from the scholarship created in her memory: the Jessica Brown Memorial Scholarship.

This scholarship is given to the Marion County Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) student who mirrors Jessica’s passion for community service, strong work ethic, and genuine interest in the lives of his/her peers, regularly displaying random acts of kindness.

In 2018, the first winner of the Jessica Brown Memorial Scholarship was Tyrah Matherly, who at the time was a senior at Decatur Central High School. When Tyrah started JAG, she did not want to attend college – she had never been passionate about school. However, the JAG program changed that. Tyrah experienced a shocking realization that her career options were extremely limited if she decided not to pursue further education. Once that information sunk in, things began to quickly change.

Tyrah Matherly (middle) with EmployIndy Youth Services staff Erika Cheney (left) and Beth Bowling (right)

Through the help of her JAG specialist, Molly Hanson, she was able to get a job. “Ms. Hanson helped me create my resume, search for jobs, use the school computer to apply, and create a schedule to balance school and work,” said Tyrah. This process and the knowledge of her career options are what pushed Tyrah to apply for IUPUI to pursue a career as a dental hygienist. During her first semester, she used some of the funds from her scholarship to purchase the books she needed for her classes.

When the fall semester ended, Tyrah made the decision of transferring her credits to Purdue Global for two reasons: First, it gave her the flexibility to work a full-time job without the time constraints of an in-person course. Second, she decided to pursue a psychology degree with a focus on assisting people battling addiction.

With these online courses, Tyrah used the remainder of her scholarship money to purchase a new computer so she could continue her studies while working full-time in the OneAmerica contact center where she is developing job skills in a fast-paced setting with limited downtime.

As Tyrah pays her way through school, she is dreaming of ways to improve the lives of people struggling with substance abuse. “My life has always been centered around community service, especially when it comes to helping people and animals. I want to find a career where I can pair a person in addiction recovery with a rescue animal for support – a way of saving two lives at once,” she said.

The Jobs for America’s Graduates program gave Tyrah the boost to believe in herself and push herself to excel by utilizing time management skills and informing her of opportunities available through higher education. The Jessica Brown Memorial Scholarship was able to provide funding to help Tyrah reach her goals and continue to further her education.

If you would like to be part of changing other students lives, consider donating to the Jessica Brown Memorial Scholarship. These funds remove barriers for JAG students who may not have otherwise pursued a postsecondary education. Support for EmployIndy and its programs goes toward encouraging the future workforce to build a better future for themselves and their community.

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This week celebrates and acknowledges the advantages of apprenticeship in preparing a skilled workforce as National Apprenticeship Week, during a season when we annually reflect on appreciation and thankfulness. For these reasons, EmployIndy would like to dedicate our November newsletter to acknowledging the employer leaders of our community who invest in the continuum of work-based learning for youth and adults alike.

JAG students explore AT&T on a business tour

Learners and workers of all ages benefit from the exposure and engagement that work-based learning offers through exploration like job shadowing and business tours, development of soft skills through youth employment, and career pathway advancement through apprenticeship and on-the-job training.

EmployIndy is grateful to the organizations listed below who have invested in preparing students and workers for careers across diverse industries through programs like Project Indy, Jobs for America’s Graduates, Employ Up, and more.

Employers interested in learning more about how to engage in preparing talent by providing work experience or work-based training can learn more and connect to our Business Partnerships professionals here.

  • 1st Maker Space, LLC
  • 21st Century Scholars/Commission on Higher Education
  • 250ok
  • 317Grow LLC
  • A Classic Party Rental
  • A&I Variety Meats and Produce
  • AAR Corp.
  • AccelaWork
  • Act Six
  • Adult & Child
  • Allied Solutions, LLC
  • Allied Universal
  • Ambassadors of Hope
  • Anderson University
  • Aprimo
  • Army National Guard
  • Asante Children’s Theater
  • AT&T
  • Aubry Lane
  • Avian Exotic Animal Clinic
  • Axia Technology Partners
  • B & W Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.
  • Ball State University
  • Bethel Family Worship Center
  • Biltwell Event Center & Hoaglin Catering
  • Bitwise Solutions, Inc.
  • BoxCrush, Inc
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis
  • BrightView Landscape Services LLC
  • Brightwood Community Center
  • Brookside Community Development Center
  • Build Your Future Indiana
  • Butler University
  • C&W Commercial Cleaning LLC
  • Caplinger’s Fresh Catch Seafood Market
  • Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation
  • Carpenters Union
  • CECO Environmental – Dean Pump
  • Center for Leadership Development
  • Center of Wellness for Urban Women
  • Central State University
  • Certell
  • Christ Temple Christian Academy
  • Christel House Schools
  • Christian Theological Seminary
  • CICOA Aging and In-Home Solutions
  • Cindy’s Center for Young Learners
  • City of Indianapolis
  • Clean for Green
  • Clear View Products LLC
  • Clothing Store
  • Cloud City Youth
  • Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated
  • ComForCare Home Care
  • Commercial Glass LLC
  • Community Action of Greater Indianapolis, Inc.
  • Community Alliance of the Far Eastside, Inc. (CAFE)
  • Community Health Network
  • Conexus Indiana
  • Continental Inc
  • Crew Carwash
  • Crossroads Education, LLC
  • CSpring
  • Cunningham Restaurant Group
  • Custom Exteriors, Inc.
  • D1 The Factory
  • Decatur Central High School
  • Decatur Township
  • Decatur Township Fire Department
  • Decatur Veterinary Clinic
  • Deck, LLC
  • DELTA Services, Inc.
  • Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana
  • Domestic Violence Network
  • Dove House
  • Dr. Rob Bell
  • Duke Training Institute
  • Dungarvin
  • Early Learning Indiana
  • Edna Martin Christian Center
  • Electrician’s Union
  • Eleven Fifty Academy
  • Elite Senior Living
  • Elwood Staffing Services Inc.
  • Empire Beauty School
  • EmployBridge
  • Eric Jones Jr. Speaks
  • Eskenazi Health
  • Eway Foundation Inc.
  • Exploring
  • Fairbanks Hospital
  • Faith & Goodness – McDonalds Corp
  • Fanimation, Inc.
  • Fastenal
  • FatStax
  • Faye Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center
  • FedEx
  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Ground
  • Finish Line
  • First Call Staffing
  • Five Star Hospitality And Event Staffing
  • Flanner House
  • Franciscan Health Central Indiana
  • Franklin College
  • Franklin University
  • Freewheelin’
  • Funtime entertainment
  • Furtrieve
  • Genesys
  • Geodis
  • George Washington Community High School
  • Girl Scouts of Central Indiana
  • Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana, Inc.
  • Greenix Pest Control
  • Greenlight Guru
  • Groundwork Indy
  • Habitat for Humanity of Indiana
  • hc1
  • Health & Hospital Corp. of Marion County
  • Health & Science Innovations
  • Herron Morton Organics
  • High School Construction Roundtable
  • Horizons at St. Richard’s Episcopal School
  • IBEW 481
  • Iconic Digital Marketing
  • Ideavize
  • iLAB
  • In Search of Technology
  • IN-KY-OH Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Indiana Black Expo, Inc.
  • Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD)
  • Indiana Latino Institute
  • Indiana Math and Science Academy North
  • Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
  • Indiana Plan
  • Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center
  • Indiana State University
  • Indiana Tech
  • Indiana University
  • Indianapolis Bar Association
  • Indianapolis Fire Department
  • Indianapolis Indians
  • Indianapolis Marion County Building Authority
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Indianapolis Public Library
  • Indianapolis Public Schools
  • Indianapolis Zoo
  • Indy Imaging, Inc.
  • Indy Parks & Recreation
  • IndyGo
  • IndyHumane
  • Innovate WithIN
  • Insanitek Research and Development
  • International Business College
  • InvestEd
  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • iwis drive systems, LLC
  • Jameson Camp
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs
  • JobsCorp
  • Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza
  • John Boner Neighborhood Centers
  • Juice Bar
  • Junior Achievement of Central Indiana, Inc.
  • Just Shred
  • JVM Realty
  • Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.
  • Kelly Services
  • Krieg DeVault
  • Kroger
  • LEI Home Enhancements
  • LandWorx Engineering
  • Level 365
  • LGC Hospitality Staffing
  • Lincoln Tech
  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • LSC Communications
  • Luna Language Services
  • Mainscape Inc
  • Marion County Commission on Youth
  • Marion County Sheriff’s Office
  • Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center
  • Matchbook Creative
  • MBC Staffing
  • McDonald’s
  • Medxcel
  • Methodist Sports Medicine
  • Metropolitan Indianapolis Central Indiana Area Health Education Center
  • Mike Green Lawn Care
  • Minority Health Coalition of Marion County
  • Minority Tobacco Awareness
  • Monarch Beverage Company & EF Transit
  • Netlink Inc
  • New Beginnings Computer Training
  • NorthCentral High School
  • Office of Congressman Andre Carson
  • Omni Severin Hotel
  • Overdose Lifeline
  • PACE, Inc.
  • Pacers Sports & Entertainment
  • Pathway Resource Center
  • Peace Learning Center
  • Peerview Data
  • Planned Parenthood
  • PNC Financial Services Group
  • Portillo’s Restaurant
  • Powderkeg
  • Professional Staff Management, Inc.
  • Progressive Design Apparel
  • Purdue University and Purdue Extension
  • Rahvy R. Murray Insurance Agency, Inc. (State Farm)
  • RCR Technology
  • Reach for Youth
  • Regions Bank
  • Saddlebrook Golf Club
  • Safe Recruiter Solutions
  • Securitas Security Company
  • Serve Indiana/Public Allies
  • Sharpen Technologies
  • Sheraton Circle Centre
  • Silverback
  • Site Strategics
  • Six Feet Up
  • Southeast Community Services
  • SouthPaw Catering
  • Spaceport Indiana
  • Spherion Staffing
  • SpringHill
  • St. Vincent Hospital
  • Starbucks
  • State Farm
  • Stop the Violence Indianapolis
  • Subway restaurant
  • Suzy Q Cleaning Service LLC
  • Synapse Sitters
  • Tangram Business Resourcing
  • Tea’s Me Cafe Indy
  • Tear Down the Walls Ministries Inc
  • TeenWorks
  • THA Construction
  • The Added Touch, inc
  • The Blakley Corporation
  • The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
  • The Consultants Consortium, Inc.
  • The Exhibit House
  • The Greek Islands
  • The Indianapolis Airport Authority
  • The Job Center Staffing
  • The Riviera Club
  • The Start Up Ladies
  • The Westin Indianapolis
  • Theoris Services
  • Todah
  • Tonic Ideas
  • Trusty Applications
  • Two Men And A Truck
  • Two3Mentality, LLC
  • U Pull & Pay
  • U.S. Army National Guard
  • U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion – Indianapolis
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture/Risk Management Agency
  • U.S. Marines
  • U.S. Navy
  • UJIMA Community Services
  • United Way of Central Indiana, Inc.
  • University Learning Center
  • University of Evansville
  • University of Indianapolis
  • University of Southern Indiana
  • UPS
  • VA Hospital
  • Valley Mills Elementary School
  • VeriCite
  • Vincennes University
  • VirtusaPolaris
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Voyant Solutions
  • Walmart
  • Washington Township
  • Watch Me Grow Childcare
  • Westminster Neighborhood Services
  • Whalen Realty Group
  • White Castle
  • WorkHere
  • World Changers School of the Arts
  • YMCA of Greater Indianapolis
  • Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana
  • Zion Hill M. B. Church, Inc.
  • Zoë Facility Services