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Meeting workforce talent demands

Employers throughout Greater Indianapolis are experiencing growth, and with growth comes the promise of more jobs. However, many of these jobs require skills that the available workforce does not possess. EmployIndy seeks to bridge the skills gap through a combination of technology and in-person consultation to connect work-ready individuals to in-demand positions for employers.

Efforts include:

  • Providing funding and/or staff for workplace training and apprenticeships
  • Utilizing data to map community assets and resources for employers and job seekers
  • Expanding business partnerships’ efforts beyond matchmaking and toward true consultation
  • Creating and strengthening incentive programs for employers to offer on-the-job training
“The people I work with at EmployIndy have been willing to listen, adapt to what we needed, and provided all of the service at no charge to us. We are happy to continue partnering with them to find more qualified people who need jobs to fill openings we have at our facility.”
Rann DeStefano, Human Resources Supervisor, Sigma Tau Pharmasource

By 2022, EmployIndy strives to increase employers served by 50% while offering a suite of services to employers, including labor market data, internship and apprenticeship development, job fairs, youth engagement, and hiring assistance.

An advocate for the workforce

Employers face the challenge of structurally and financially committing to workers who are trying to connect (or reconnect) to a workforce that requires skills they are still attaining. Job seekers face barriers such as transportation, child care, mental health issues, and financial literacy. By advocating as a voice for the workforce, EmployIndy can expertly support and guide legislation, policies, and practices that reduce barriers for employers and job seekers alike.

Efforts include:

  • Working alongside municipal and community organizations to progress initiatives that enhance the ability for job seekers to make the leap to meaningful employment
  • Advocating for the creation and adoption of statewide workforce standards for K-16 integration
  • Supporting the development and adoption of employer incentive programs
  • Championing best practices that mitigate practical and psychological inhibitors to employment
“Systemic change requires a willingness to dive into all layers of the system - including legislation.”
Marie Mackintosh, EmployIndy COO

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