Talent Bound: Work-based Learning for Indy

Classroom learning offers important content and skills, but successful talent is ultimately refined with competencies that are developed in the workplace. This form of learning is called “work-based learning” (WBL), and it occurs along a continuum as shown in the graphic on this page. Talent Bound can help facilitate your organization’s involvement in work-based learning through a menu of activities that bring your business and industry inside high school classrooms like Talent Talks or Talent Days, bring students directly into your workplace like Talent Tours or Talent Shadows, and help you meet talent needs through paid experiences like internships and apprenticeships. These activities lead to industry interest, application volume, community recognition, and offers existing employees leadership opportunities.

The engagement opportunities available through Talent Bound apply to various populations – including high school students and other young adults, dislocated workers, re-entry workers, veterans, etc. We connect interested employers to our network of opportunities based on industry, location, and talent needs.


Work-based Learning Continuum

Work-based Learning Continuum

Our Talent Bound initiative offers activities through three phases of work-based learning that continually enhance students' educations and prepare them for careers.

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