Work-Based Learning

Classroom learning offers important content and skills, but successful talent is ultimately refined with competencies that are developed in the workplace. This form of learning is called “work-based learning” (WBL), and it occurs along a continuum as shown in the graphic on this page. EmployIndy can help facilitate your organization’s involvement in work-based learning through a menu of options in our Talent Bound work-based learning toolkit. Successful engagement leads to industry interest, application volume, community recognition, and offers existing employees leadership opportunities.

The engagement opportunities below can apply to various populations – including young adults, dislocated workers, re-entry workers, veterans, etc. We connect interested employers to our network of opportunities based on industry, location, and talent needs.



CAREER experience & Employment

Work-based Learning Continuum

Work-based Learning Continuum

Along with continuous career exploration, there are three phases of work-based learning that continually enhance students' educations and prepare them for careers.

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