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Interacting With the Map

Welcome to EmployIndy’s Partnership Ecosystem Map! 

This interactive map represents all of the partnership connections EmployIndy has around the city of Indianapolis. Here are a few short instructions on how to interact with it.
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K–12 Partners

These ecosystem members support residents of all ages. Alongside EmployIndy, they focus on engaging individuals in career exposure, exploration, and engagement opportunities so they can receive hands-on experience and further their educational awareness. Many of these partners also offer courses that allow for residents of all ages to receive their high school diploma or equivalency to prepare them for the workforce.

Story of Impact

Hands-On Learning

Each year Junior Achievement of Central Indiana hosts JA JobSpark – a hands-on learning experience for Indianapolis 8th graders as they explore a variety of industries, companies, and available jobs. EmployIndy participates annually and has several representatives engaged across the Government and Business/Financial Services sectors.