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EmployIndy distributes 2018 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to five local organizations

Posted on January 24th, 2018 in Press Releases

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – January 24, 2018 – Since 2011, EmployIndy has been demonstrating a commitment to community workforce development by distributing over $3 million on behalf of the City of Indianapolis’ Department of Metropolitan Development to local community-based organizations through CDBG. This funding has resulted in neighborhood-level employment services for over 6,000 residents. Recently, EmployIndy awarded an additional $500,000 to five local, community-focused organizations: Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center; RecycleForce; Fathers and Families; Second Helpings; and Indianapolis Urban League.

EmployIndy is committed to partnering with organizations who are engaged in barrier-busting, workforce development activities, and working to support, improve, and coordinate effective neighborhood-level employment and training programs. The Community Development Block Grant is competitively awarded to an organization because of their active demonstration to connect underrepresented residents to jobs and career pathways leading to self-sufficiency and family sustaining wages, thus improving the area in which they reside.

Because of their focus on local community growth, Mary Rigg received grant funding to further neighborhood-based services to specifically target individuals who are underemployed; unemployed; do not have an HSE degree; ex-offenders; and/or single parents.

“The goal of EmployIndy is to enhance and strengthen, rather than replace, the services offered within neighborhoods,” says EmployIndy’s Senior Director of Development, Chelsea Meldrum.

In order to alleviate major employment barriers, such as criminal backgrounds, transportation, and low education, EmployIndy works closely with community- and neighborhood-based organizations who are uniquely positioned to offer a variety of services that bring workers into the mainstream economy. The funds distributed to RecycleForce will focus on creating successful transitional employment for re-entry citizens through increasing availability of educational services, job skills training, career exploration, and supportive services.

Another focus of CDBG is career navigation services. These services use the ABC model (Any job, Better job, Career) to help those who are either unemployed or underemployed to find their next step – whether that is forwarding their career, changing their field, or furthering their education. Second Helpings and Fathers and Families Center are using their grant money to further training programs and arm graduates with success through obtaining credentials and preparing for job readiness.

EmployIndy places a high significance on the quality and impact of services to the participants being reached. The CDBG funding EmployIndy has distributed over the past seven years has led to occupational skills training and credentials that directly result in residents finding employment. The award given to Indianapolis Urban League will help grow that number through serving low-income and returning citizens by granting them with career training and services to become self-sufficient.

By seeking to help individuals who are experiencing significant barriers to employment, EmployIndy is working with those in the community to ensure residents have access to a variety of services to obtain the skills needed to enter into jobs and, ultimately, careers.