Custom Talent Solutions

Connecting employers to a diverse job seeker pool is crucial while Indianapolis is experiencing economic growth and low unemployment rates. The EmployIndy Business Partnerships team is a source for employers to develop successful talent pipelines and meet workforce needs – both now and in the future.

FINDING & Hiring Qualified Candidates

Hiring the right candidate will reduce turnover and save your organization up to $500, and ensuring they have the right skills can save up to $1500 in training costs. Our talent screening and hiring projects source talent with:

  • Robust soft skills training
  • Professional industry training and experience
  • Ongoing networks of support to ensure success


For Marion County employers in need of more extensive support, we dive deeper to learn about specific needs and service gaps, like exploring your hiring practices .

  • Landscape analyses, competitive analyses, and business comparisons
  • Culture assessment
  • Skill set evaluations for both new and long-time hires

Available Incentives & Funding

On-the-job training programs can be developed to create a customized workforce to meet your specific needs, and organizations engaging in these programs may be eligible for significant reimbursements depending on the nature of the job/training opportunity. EmployIndy is on the forefront of understanding existing incentives and ensuring employers utilize them strategically.

EmployIndy has been instrumental in linking experienced candidates to meet and/or exceed our hiring needs through careful and thoughtful promotion of the organizations openings - We have hired several associates through EmployIndy that remain with us today.
Mary LeJune, HR Manager, Integer

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