In today’s tight labor market, EmployIndy will help your organization increase retention, reduce turnover costs, and bring diverse talent into your doors – with guidance from the forefront of Indy’s workforce ecosystem. Employers who partner with us experience a “Triple Bottom-Line” of employees developing new skills, business operations improving through added talent, and the local community experiencing a positive economic impact.

Grab a cup of coffee with one of our employer engagement managers to see how our Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator breaks down the value-add of working with EmployIndy’s Business Partnerships team to connect to and influence Indy’s talent pipelines. We invest in programs and services around the city to ensure that our candidates are ready to contribute to your success.

  • Save nearly $500 in recruitment costs per hire through posting jobs on our portal, utilizing our staff to screen candidates, and connecting to our pipelines of job-ready talent.
  • Reduce turnover and training costs by $1500 per person by finding the right person, with the right skills, for your company.
  • Support to identify and utilize a variety of subsidies and grants to offset costs of on-the-job training and upskilling for your new hires and/or existing employees.
  • Provide leadership development opportunities that add to your business culture through talent engagement such as internships, speaking events, business tours, and more – while also leveraging these experiences to cultivate future talent.

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What is the “workforce ecosystem”?

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The National Bank of Indianapolis is the largest, locally owned, national bank in greater Indianapolis. Since opening their doors in 1993, they have grown from 18 employees to more than 300 employees. Members of the bank’s Human Resources team initially reached out to WorkOne and EmployIndy in the spring of 2015 as part of their efforts to broaden the diversity of their applicant pool.

With over 90% retention each year, NBI is in a unique position; they rarely need external assistance with their staffing efforts.  However, in the summer of 2015 they found themselves with a number of openings for the teller position. EmployIndy recruiters worked to source strong candidates who would be well aligned with the organization, fulfilling the high expectations the company required. Recruiters completed phone screens and forwarded the strongest candidates to the bank’s staffing officer. During a three-month period, the bank extended offers to four of the 15 individuals who were recommended by EmployIndy – more than a 25% yield.

Since this success, the bank has continued to share all of their job postings with EmployIndy and has hired two more referrals in the past year. We are proud to partner with companies like The National Bank of Indianapolis to grow their talent pipeline as well as positively impact the Indianapolis workforce.

In their words:

In their words:

"Our strength and success in serving the local market is directly attributed to our talented staff."

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